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VIP Guided Tour

With small group sizes of (35) people or less and additional tour stops, the VIP Guided Tour is the ultimate AT&T Stadium tour experience. Our knowledgeable tour guides will ensure you leave knowing all the important facts about AT&T Stadium

Ticket Pricing:  Adult: $40  Child/Senior: $35

Rally Day Pricing: Adult: $45  Child/Senior: $40

Owner's VIP Tour: $55 - recommended for ages 10 and above

*Field access and tour stops are based on availability


4/3/2023 To 5/31/2023
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Mon, Apr 3
10:00 AM
AT&T Stadium Tour VIP
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East Preps
4/14/2023 6:30 PM
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Fri, Apr 14
6:30 PM
AT&T Field Rental
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American Income Life
4/15/2023 5:00 PM
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Sat, Apr 15
5:00 PM
AT&T Field Rental
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